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Focus on technical iteration, Meifubao focuses on full-scene sun protection


Prove the power of concentration with practice.


In this unprecedented "Her era", the public pays more and more attention to the face value. As one of the beauty market segments, the scale of the sunscreen market is also expanding at a double-digit growth rate. The terminal retail sales of sunscreen products in China will be 16.5 billion Yuan in 2021, which is expected to double to 24.4 billion Yuan in 2024 according to Anxin Securities Research Report.


Only by digging deep into consumers' needs and providing consumers with real and effective products can brands be recognized and followed by consumers at the moment when the sunscreen category "explodes".Meifubao, which has been specializing in sun protection for 23 years, has always been guided by the needs of consumers, constantly making breakthroughs and innovations in technology, products and marketing, and has been consistently favored and affirmed by consumers.


Specializing in sun protection for 23 years, our sun protection technology has been continuously upgraded.


Different from many new sunscreen brands, Meifubao has been specializing in sunscreen for 23 years. Meifubao was born in the south of Yunnan in 1999. For many years, she has been adhering to the brand concept of "Inheriting the Eastern Way of Skin Care" and devoted herself to bringing the oriental female beauty experience.


Uniasia Group's strong R&D strength and leading production conditions have built a strong brand moat for Meifubao. As of March 30, 2022, Uniasia had 132 patents.Meifubao's sunscreen products rely on a number of patented technologies and papers as technical reserves, including 10 authorized invention patents for sunscreen, and 8 academic papers on sunscreen research published in core journals such as Daily Chemical Industry, Guangdong Chemical Industry and Daily Chemical Science, which have constructed a unique sunscreen system in Meifubao and created professional sunscreen products for brands according to statistics.


Focusing on "making products well", Meifubao never stopped. Meifubao made the first series of products with double effects of isolation and protection by using the unique pure mineral microsphere formulation technology in 2007.The following year, Meifubao upgraded its sunscreen technology to achieve SPF30+ PA+++, and added Parsol 1789 UVA protection technology and hydrolytic conchiolin anti-photoaging technology, which meant that the first generation of whitening isolation sunscreen came out and entered the era of sunscreen 1.0.Meifubao upgraded its sun protection technology again in 2017, using the key technology of all-band anti-ultraviolet and Uvinul A Plus UVA stable protection technology with the rise of outdoor sports and the diversification of sports scenes. Compared with 1.0, the sun protection is more comprehensive and long-lasting, and the sun protection coefficient has been upgraded to SPF50+ PA+++, opening the era of high-power sun protection 2.0.


Nowadays, sun protection of Meifubao has entered the era of 3.0.Ultraviolet rays have always been regarded as the natural enemy of young and fair skin. Meifubao Sunscreen 3.0 series has new comprehensive protection technology. The traditional sunscreen products have weak light stability, which is prone to the attenuation of the function of sunscreen ingredients under ultraviolet irradiation. The biggest feature of Sunscreen 3.0 is the addition of SolBlock® light protection technology (Chinese invention patent, patent number: ZL201810837926.4), and the selection of a leading high-efficiency and stable sunscreen system, so that it can still play its role stably under continuous strong sun exposure. In addition, the Solbooster® sun protection technology (Chinese invention patent, patent number: ZL201711296447.8) patent can also improve SPF and PA index and resist photoaging.It can be seen that Meifubao has started the era of comprehensive anti-photoaging.


With the gradual awakening of consumers' concept of sun protection, their expectations for sun protection products are getting higher and higher. From focusing on sunscreen ability to enhancing skin feeling, to multi-functional subdivision, consumers' requirements for the efficacy of sunscreen products are no longer as simple as "sunscreen”. Taking Meifubao Whitening Isolation Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++ as an example, it has not only obtained the special certificate of sun protection and spot removal, but also adopted the key technologies of all-band UV-resistant cosmetics and other protective black technologies, which integrates spot removal, whitening, isolation and sun protection, and has multiple effects, and can simultaneously meet the diverse needs of consumers for sun protection and skin care.




Family sunscreen, all-round meet the needs of segmentation.


Meifubao, who has been specializing in sun protection for 23 years, has a deep understanding of female consumption scenes, and has successively launched a number of skin-care sun protection products that cover outdoor, daily and pre-makeup (whitening) needs, taking into account both sun protection and skin care. At present, Meifubao has launched 13 sunscreen matrix families, such as whitening cream, pure physical sunscreen, water thin emulsion, light transparent thin spray and light base makeup air cushion.




Not only that, but as consumers' demand for sun protection continues to upgrade, Meifubao takes the lead in gaining insight into the demand for sun protection, from basic sun protection, skin care and sun protection to efficient sun protection, becoming more diversified and refined; We will continue to innovate, carry out multi-dimensional sunscreen category layout, create a full-matrix value upgrade, and lead Chinese sunscreen brands to renew and upgrade, bringing a new look to the industry in the future.


With excellent product strength, Meifubao's series of sunscreen products have always had excellent market performance, which has been recognized by the industry and consumers. In the first quarter of 2022, sunscreen products in Meifubao achieved the cumulative sales of 2.55 million pieces, with a year-on-year increase of 6.25%.


Multi-dimensional linkage marketing empowerment, continuous and accurate capture of traffic


In recent years, China's e-commerce channels have undergone multiple evolutions, and many formats such as traditional e-commerce, social e-commerce, and interest e-commerce have emerged as a result. Therefore, Meifubao adapts to the current situation, expands brand potential energy by planting grass all over the world, and reaches consumers in multiple dimensions.


Nowadays, the promotion of online channels in Meifubao has extended from the traditional e-commerce platform to mainstream social media platforms such as "Weibo,WeChat,Tik Tok,Little red book”. At the same time, in order to better spread the brand image and settle users, the brand itself also operates and builds self-media accounts on Weibo, WeChat, Little Red Book, Tik Tok and other platforms to communicate with consumers.


Offline, Meifubao has tens of thousands of terminal stores across the country, with outlets covering CS channels, large KA channels, department stores, single-brand stores and top 100 chain stores. According to the brand's own tradition, Meifubao's online and offline channels have always exerted steady efforts, and online and offline terminals have been fully empowered, bringing traffic and image communication to them.


In the past 23 years, the focus on sun protection has never been just Meifubao's slogan, but its ingenuity embodied in pragmatic research on technology and products, deep cultivation of channels, innovative marketing and other aspects. In the ever-changing market, Meifubao will drive the brand with quality, maintain its long-lasting and inexhaustible vitality with innovation, and lead the brand to leap forward with dedicated strength.