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Official world champion, SKYNFUTURE starts Olympic marketing!


Nowadays, the hottest topic is the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Competitive sports once again attract the attention of the whole world with its strong and pure charm.


Outside the arena, major brands took advantage of the situation, betting on Gu Ailing, Su Yiming and other sports sessions in advance. There were 161 endorsements signed by athletes, almost the total number of endorsements made by athletes from 2018 to 2020 according to statistics, in 2021.Sports stars have become the "sweet cakes" of brand choice spokesmen.


Among them, Uniasia's skin care brand focused on the concept of "active ingredients + technology skin care"-SKYNFUTURE. Today (February 17), Tang Yi, the swimming world champion known as "Female Phelps", was officially announced as the first champion image ambassador, seizing the opportunity of Olympic marketing in the beauty industry.


"This is the first marketing campaign of SKYNFUTURE in the year of the outbreak in 2022, and it also kicked off the theme activity of the National Congress # Looking for the Most Beautiful Spokesperson # in May."The SKYNFUTURE brand said.




Join hands with the world champion, and marketing will break the circle again.


Why are sports stars more and more favored by brands?


The reason is that, compared with entertainment stars, sports stars often have a higher professional threshold and a positive, sunny and positive image, which can not only help the brand get a huge amount of exposure, but also help win the favor of consumers and virtually enhance the brand's popularity and reputation.


Tang Yi, a former main member of the Chinese women's swimming team, became famous young and won the championship reputation 34 times according to public information. She was known as the "Female Phelps". She not only won two gold medals, one silver and three bronze medals in two world competitions in 2011, but also won six gold medals in the 9th Universiade in 2012, becoming the "king of many gold medals" in the competition. What's more, in 2016, Tang Yi broke the competition record set by the Chinese team 7 years ago at the Asian Swimming Championships, and wrote a legend of "Female Iron Man in Swimming".




Tang Yi's positive energy of self-confidence, concentration and love on the field not only inspires people to dream and surpass themselves, but also coincides with the hardcore competitive brand image of "research for whitening" created by SKYNFUTURE. In addition, the highlight moment of the spokesperson when winning the championship is also strongly related to the characteristics of SKYNFUTURE’s fist product 377 whitening essence, which makes skin "shining and bright white", so that the brand is integrated with people, and this is the important reason why skin will choose the world champion as the brand image ambassador of SKYNFUTURE.


As the first big action of skin brand marketing of SKYNFUTURE this year, inviting world champion Tang Yi to be the brand ambassador not only injects fresh vitality into the brand, but also shows the SKYNFUTURE's determination to persist in quality, achieve self-breakthrough and pursue innovation.


Refine the composition and set up a research and development moat.


With its deep foundation and strong strength, Uniasia Group, which is backed by it, has set up a research and development moat for many years. At present, Uniasia Group has obtained 126 patented technologies, including skin material research and development, formula research and development, basic application research, etc., with nearly 100 senior R&D personnel.


In SKYNFUTURE's view, relying on real and effective technology and adhering to the brand concept of "active ingredients + technology skin care" can really impress Z generation consumers. Therefore, since the brand was born, SKYNFUTURE has always focused on every technological innovation and kept exploring, and has made great progress in the research and development of functional products and the differentiated application of active ingredients.


In order to create skin care products suitable for young people, SKYNFUTURE has not only adopted cutting-edge technologies such as Microxtrans micro-conduction technology and 72-hour magnetic water locking technology, but also added cutting-edge ingredients such as symwhite377 (phenylethyl resorcinol), blue copper peptide, hyaluronic acid, fullerene, graphene, etc. Based on science and technology, SKYNFUTURE is determined to be a "strong leader" in the product industry.




Among them, its popular product, 377 Whitening and Brightening Essence, adheres to the skin care philosophy of "effective addition and subtraction of formula ingredients". Its core ingredient symwhite377 is only 0.5% added, but its effect is better than that of 10% nicotinamide according to reports, which is 7,000 times that of arbutin. Moreover, the product has obtained the special certificate of whitening and freckle removing, which can effectively lighten the spots and brighten the skin tone. In addition, Microxtrans patented technology can help the absorption of core ingredients.


It can be said that at the moment when the "ingredient party" is growing, SKYNFUTURE based on practical scientific and technological research and development is constantly emerging with hard-core high-efficiency products.


The product broke through, and the sales volume of 377 whitening and brightening essence sprinted 100W pieces.


This cooperation with the world champion Tang Yi is not only a new breakthrough in skin brand circle marketing of SKYNFUTURE, but also a prelude to the nationwide skin future conference # Looking for the most beautiful spokesperson # in May, which helped the sales of explosive 377 whitening and brightening essence to explode in 2022.


Last year, 377 Whitening and Brightening Essence became the core explosive product of SKYNFUTURE, and a thousand bottles and thousands of stores support program was launched for CS channel. With a magic box with thousands of faces X377 whitening experience project, simple and quick operation method and step-by-step treatment service, it not only won the consumers' love quickly, but also solved all the demands of stores for whitening products, and combined with the sales of basic skin care products in stores, it reached a big deal.




In addition, SKYNFUTURE achieved strong channel development last year, further expanding the channel coverage of 377 whitening and brightening essence.In addition to Watson’s and CS, the traditional channels, 377 Whitening and Brightening Essence has been stationed in new potential energy channels such as Colorists, Vipshop stores, and Baiyuantang pharmacy channels.


In terms of skin future, under the explosive product strategy and omni-channel layout, skin will achieve a single breakthrough of 10,000 Yuan in the future, which will boost team morale and enhance the sales confidence of the channel. In 2022, SKYNFUTURE will continue to use 377 Whitening and Brightening Essence as the key promotion product in the future, helping its sales to exceed 1 million pieces.


It is revealed that in addition to signing the world champion, SKYNFUTURE will strengthen brand advertising in the future, and concentrate its core resources on omni-channel promotion of 377 whitening and brightening essence for channel drainage. For example, increasing brand exposure through CCTV and TOP4, local TV advertisements, as well as advertising placement of popular variety shows and planting grass in Little Red Book, Tik Tok; Through offline activities such as outdoor big screen launch, KOL shop promotion, endorsement by skin care experts in the Beauty industry, and flash activities in colleges and universities, the sales volume was detonated.




It is foreseeable that with a series of strong marketing actions and the blessing of high-quality products, SKYNFUTURE will officially enter the year of brand development in 2022.