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Science and Technology Talents , Innovation Leading —— Uniasia Group held a commendation meeting for scientific and technological innovation


On April 12, Uniasia Group held the 2021 Scientific and Technological Innovation Commendation Conference, summed up the scientific and technological innovation work in 2021, commended and rewarded the scientific researchers who made outstanding contributions to scientific and technological innovation in the previous year, and made arrangements for the scientific and technological innovation work in 2022.Wu Zhiqing, President of Uniasia Group, Chen Liang, vice president of manufacturing, Chen Qingsheng and Gong Shengzhao, vice presidents of the research institute, and Wan Yuepeng and He Jingyu, leaders of Uniasia Research Institute, attended the conference.




At the meeting, Vice President Gong Shengzhao shared the theme of "Present Situation and Prospect of Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements", and made a comprehensive summary report on the scientific and technological innovation situation and development plan of Uniasia from nine dimensions: invention patents, scientific papers, scientific and technological progress awards, scientific and technological achievements appraisal, technical standard development, high-tech products, scientific and technological personnel quality, scientific and technological innovation conditions, and scientific and technological innovation investment. He pointed out that the proportion of Chinese cosmetic patent applications in global patent applications has increased from 4.34% in 2001 to 61.64% in 2019.Uniasia has devoted himself to scientific research for many years, and besides making new breakthroughs in the number of invention patent applications and authorizations, he has made important scientific research achievements in publishing scientific papers, appraisal of scientific and technological achievements, research and development of high-tech products and training of scientific research talents.




As of April 12, 2022, Uniasia had granted 137 patents (including 61 invention patents, 15 utility model patents and 61 design patents), published 103 scientific and technological academic papers, obtained 35 scientific and technological achievements appraisal (including 2 international advanced ones and 2 international advanced ones), won 28 scientific and technological progress awards marked by Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award, 11 high-tech products and 2 cosmetics works.




In terms of training scientific research talents, Uniasia has set up a professional scientific research team led by a doctor and supplemented by a master's degree, which leads all scientific research personnel to make continuous innovations in the fields of skin material research and development, formula research and development, basic application research, traditional Chinese medicine research, creative design and development of packaging, consumer research, etc., and establishes a guarantee mechanism for scientific research personnel, so that scientific and technical personnel can devote their main energy to scientific and technological innovation and research and development activities, and promote greater progress in scientific and technological work.


Wu Zhiqing, President of Uniasia Group, expressed warm congratulations to the 37 award-winning scientific and innovative workers, and paid high tribute to the vast number of scientific and technological workers at this commendation meeting. She said that scientific and technological innovation and R&D are the core competitiveness of Uniasia. Over the years, Uniasia has actively responded to the national science and technology innovation-driven strategy, made full use of regional and industry advantages, accelerated the transformation of scientific research and innovation achievements, cultivated Chinese cosmetics brands with international competitiveness, and promoted Chinese national cosmetics to the world. President Wu Zhiqing hopes that the innovation strength of Uniasia Science and Technology will be continuously consolidated and improved, and many brands in Uniasia will gain more market recognition and consumer trust.




If science and technology are established, the nation will be established; if science and technology are strong, enterprises will be strong. In 2022, Uniasia will continue to improve the innovation mechanism from four aspects: introduction of scientific and technological talents, training of scientific and technological talents, Industry-University-Research cooperation, and product research and development, and stimulate innovation vitality; Increase the input of scientific research in three aspects: scientific and technological innovation of high-level raw materials, scientific and technological innovation of basic research, and improvement of product efficacy evaluation level.In the future, the research staff of Uniasia will continue to play the spirit of "diligence, sincerity and perseverance", constantly become familiar with the industry environment and market environment, persist in innovation, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, consolidate and enhance the core competitiveness of Uniasia, and contribute more wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of national cosmetics industry.